As a D&D Distribution customer, you get free, full access to our e-commerce site DealerShop.be.
On this website you'll find our entire product catalog online, including over 35.000 products, pictures, datasheets, ...

DealerShop.be also offers the following functionality, free of charge:

  • Desktop PC Configurator
  • Pointer Systems Server Configurator, including a customer quote creation tool
  • Printer supply selector: find the correct toner or inkt cartridge for your printer
  • Download our complete pricelist in .CSV format from our FTP site
  • Shopping Cart - to - PDF Quote tool
  • Account Management: create multiple user accounts for your company, and grant certain rights only to certain users (place order, view prices, etc.)
  • Consult your open backorders, invoices, credit notes, turn-over, ...
  • Use RMA Service tools
  • Manage your DealerShop.live website
  • ...

DealerShop.be is available in English, Dutch and French language.

Click here to request a free DealerShop.be account.

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